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braziliant film wax removes all hair in a single application 1kg 35oz

Strip wax alternative: Braziliant Wax – A Demo

Braziliant Wax is a revolutionary 2-in-1 Film Wax like no other, allowing for efficient waxing with gentle results.

This strip wax alternative adheres firmly to both fine and coarse hair, without sticking to the skin.

It grips even the hairs you can’t see and requires only one application! Flexible and pliable, it can be applied in large sections without the fear of breaking.

  • Easy to apply like hard wax, with the power and grip of strip wax
  • Removes all hair with a single, wafer-thin application
  • Won’t go brittle and won’t drip
  • An all-over body wax suitable for both face and intimate areas
  • Ideal for experienced waxers

Excellent for people that don’t want to use strip wax in their treatments.

DEMO: Lip wax and underarm wax

Waxing Sensitive Areas with Caronlab Brilliance

Waxing Sensitive Areas with Caronlab Brilliance – A Demo

Learn how to wax sensitive areas with this year’s Aesthetician’s Choice Award winner for Sensitive Wax: Brilliance. We’ll show you a technique that will gently warm the follicles, ensuring the complete removal of all the hairs – both fine and coarse – so your clients will enjoy a smooth, hair-free skin for longer.

  • No bruising
  • No skin lifting
  • No excess redness

This Webinar will give you the confidence to perform a truly professional wax treatment that your clients will want to repeat!

excel in the waxing room webinar

Excel in the waxing room with Caronlab!

For a smooth & confident brazilian Down Under!