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Wax Selection… It’s time to make up your own mind!

September 20, 2017 by in Waxing

Choosing a wax sounds simple enough but it often comes with much confusion. What works for some therapists may not work for others. There is no ‘one fits all’ approach in either scenario.

At the end of the day it comes down to knowing what you want and what suits you best because the perfect fit for you could be completely unsuitable for another therapist. It is important to pinpoint the aspects you like and dislike in a wax. With your wax being your most important tool, it’s worth putting in a little effort! Word of mouth, education and wholesaler recommendations get you about half way, but the other half comes from your own research and testing.


Wholesalers are a great avenue for therapists to be able to purchase all their waxing goodies. They stock a range of products from a variety of brands and generally, have everything you could possibly need. As a customer, it is good to seek help, and get advice on which product is best especially if you are new to the industry. Sometimes it can be restrictive if wholesalers are not stocking an entire brand range. This can be limiting as you may think you have tried all the waxes from that brand when in fact there are still a number of options you have not yet seen.


These days marketing is much more than just flashes of low prices, terrible jingles, and SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! signs. This is a stereotypical and very out dated view of marketing. Not only is it no longer the case in most industries, but it also undermines all the hard work that actually goes into providing helpful and educational material for customers. It is now so easy to do your homework on the latest products and technology on the market before you even spend a penny. I may not be the most ‘tech savvy’ person out there but you will find me researching on the internet, reading reviews and joining discussion forums in order to stay up to date with the latest things going on in the beauty industry. There are passionate professionals all over the world sharing their thoughts and advice through channels such as LinkedIn, group forums and through webinars.


Another great way to help you make up your mind is word of mouth. I am not saying everything you see or hear should be taken as gospel, but these days there are reviews on absolutely everything and there is nowhere for bad products to hide. Keep in mind that reviews are generally only written by people who either love or hate a product so while they can be very helpful, they can also be skewed. It is common sense to ask other therapists what works best for them and which wax on the market is their favourite. This is a quick way to find out which brands are leading the industry. Recommendations from friends and are great because you know they are not biased, it is simply their honest opinion. However as I said earlier and cannot stress enough, everyone is different and we all have our own relationship with the wax.

Because I started out as a therapist, I completely understand how frustrating it is if a wax doesn’t work for you, especially if it is known to be a good wax. But every wax is different; wax not performing could come down to a number of factors such as technique, a faulty heater, incorrect temperature, or that it’s not the best product for the job at hand. Some hard waxes require a core of harder wax in the centre when at the ideal temperature, whereas others are completely melted. If one therapist dislikes a wax that generally has a great reputation, it may be because they are using it wrong. To find what you like and don’t like requires testing, but you need to make sure you are testing it with all the accompanying knowledge in mind. Here is where speaking to the manufacturer comes in handy.


Manufacturers know their products better than anyone and can always provide helpful information and tips on how to use each product. They generally have a range that is made up of a variety of waxes and products all designed differently, so there is a perfect fit for everyone.

I cannot stress how important it is that you understand how a wax is best used; how thin/thick to apply it and the skin and hair types it is best for. Climate and the pre and post products you use (or don’t use) in conjunction with waxes can also play a part in how they perform. The manufacturer is the best contact for explaining all of this. Manufacturers that have a chemist, developer and fully qualified educators on site that are available to speak with you is very rare, but when given the opportunity to speak to them, you can be privy to a wealth of knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask to talk to the big guns if you would like additional technical information!

At Caronlab we will ask our customers a few simple questions to determine which products from our range best suits their preferences, with no agenda. My team would never recommend a product simply because it was new or was more expensive because our reputation is tarnished if the customer ends up dissatisfied with our recommendation. In saying this, there is only so much we can do, it all comes down to knowing what you want from your wax. Do you want a creamy wax? A clear wax? A wax that is gentle on the skin? A wax that removes every single hair in one go? A natural wax? A water soluble wax? A wax that doesn’t snap or go brittle? A hard and strip wax in one? What is your customer base like? What services do you do most of? Who are your clientele? These are the things you need to know. You need to work out which aspects are most important you; that is the key to making up your own mind.


If you do end up trying one product and find it’s not for you, don’t dismiss the whole brand. I know from my own company, that every wax we manufacture has a specific customer in mind; we certainly don’t follow the ‘one wax fits all’ approach. There are over 20 different hard and strip waxes in the Caronlab range for a reason. Choosing one might be daunting, but that’s when you need to speak up and ask questions, look for answers. I promise you, if you haven’t already, you will find the perfect wax for you!

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