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Register your Caronlab Heater to activate your 12 month warranty


  1. Leaving the heater’s switch on when the container is empty will void the warranty
  2. Removal, alteration or defacement of any Serial No. will void the warranty
  3. Normal wear and tear is not covered by this warranty
  4. Repairs must only be performed by the Caronlab Australia Repair Centre
  5. Postage or delivery costs to and from the Repair Centre must be paid by the purchaser

Damages resulting from the following are not covered by this warranty:

  •  Use of improper voltage or current
  • Negligence, misuse, disassembly or dropping
  • The warranty for the Professional Wax Heater in 1ltr and 500ml is voided if the non-stick heater insert is not used.
  • Wax Heater 1 Ltr

  • Located at the bottom of your heater.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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