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Certification classes AVAILABLE FREE to all Caronlab clients.

Live Webinar Information:

  • Free to all Caronlab wax users: contact your local distributor for FREE LINK to virtual education
  • $125 USD* for all non-Caronlab wax users (fee, education link and product through local Caronlab distributor)
*Brazilian webinars are $250 USD

Not a Caronlab client yet?

Contact your local Caronlab distributor here.
Most live virtual classes are $125 USD* redeemable in Caronlab products for up to 2 weeks after the class you attend.
*Brazilian classes are $250 USD

Benefits to Caronlab Education:

  • Update your waxing skills to improve your confidence
  • Cost effective and time efficient techniques
  • Reduced cleaning time
  • No need to trim hairs
  • Techniques and movements make the client feel more relaxed and confident in your waxing room
  • Maintain client modesty with all services….even brazilians!
  • Find out why Wax Technicians are starting to look at ingredients when choosing their wax brand

Bonus – receive a Caronlab Training Manual after the class along with your certificate!

Future Webinars

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Upcoming Webinars

Chest Waxing

Monday, January 31 1pm EST
Host: Chanel

  • Step by step chest waxing
  • Learn how to support the skin to avoid adverse reactions
  • Tips on choosing the best type of wax for your client… crème, clear, synthetic or natural wax

Link to register

Brazilian Waxing While Pregnant

Monday, February 28 1pm EST

  • Find out why waxing is completely safe when expecting
  • Learn how to support and position your pregnant client
  • Should you charge more for pregnant clients?

Link to register

Browvado Brows

Tuesday, March 22 1pm EST

  • Can you wax on compromised skin?
  • Learn how to adjust your protocol to accommodate different skin issues
  • Find out which home care is recommended after facial and brow waxing

Link to register