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Cream Hair Dye RefectoCil Graphite #1.1


0.5 oz

To naturally cover and subtly darken greying or white hair. Mixed with graphite, other RefectoCil cream hair dyes show a cooler tone. For timeless styles!
-Dark grey hair!
-Mixable with all 8 RefectoCil cream hair dyes for cool colour accents
-Recommended also for men who wish a natural highlight
-Smudge and waterproof
-Lasts 6 weeks

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STEP 1: Preparation
Remove contact lenses.
Clean the area with an Eye Make-up Remover.
Use a Saline Solution to remove residues and achieve optimum results.
Use RefectoCil Silicone Pads or Skin Protection Cream and protection papers according to instructions.
STEP 2: Mix & Apply
Immediately before tinting mix 3/4″ of cream hair dye and 10 drops RefectoCil Oxidant liquid or 15-20 drops of RefectoCil Oxidant cream into a creamy paste.
STEP 3: Application time
5-10 minutes depending on the desired intensity
STEP 4: Ready!
Remove by using cotton wool pads and water.
Allergy test: We recommend an allergy test (patch test) before the first application as well as after long periods without tinting.