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April 30, 2024 by in Waxing

When I came across this question in the comments, I chuckled in my seat since I sensed this would come up someday. See, I do read your comments. Yes, I have heard of this technique and recently tested it to see what the hype is all about. 

If you don’t know the “horseshoe method,” here’s a quick summary. It’s a Brazilian waxing technique created by Jessica Young. The wax is applied in a horseshoe or inverted U shape on both sides of the labia and the tip of the pubic mound above (or covering) the clitoris and removed in one big motion. It claims to be virtually painless and to tremendously cut down the service time.

I tried this approach on myself. I have always waxed myself when I am ovulating since I generally feel no discomfort during that time. I can finish my entire Brazilian in under ten minutes without issues and immense pain (unless I’ve left it for four or more months). I did this technique with four weeks of growth, and I felt like the pull was for four months of growth. It left me in tears.

My thoughts on this technique

I think this is a fascinating technique and would be great if you were in a pinch or if speed is what you promote for your business rather than client care and comfort.  It would be excellent for a clean-up strip or someone who stays consistent with their wax appointments. I highly recommend that this is NOT performed on a first-time waxer or for someone with long, dense, or coarse hair. Think about this, we believe that if you applied wax on the ENTIRE vaginal anatomy, there would be no damage since it would just mould around the anatomy. 

If you really want to use this technique, it would be much simpler with Caronlab hard waxes. Here’s an example of the outcome of my own Brazilian with the Brilliance Hard Wax. In this photo, I deliberately tried to glue myself shut. A fair warning: this was done for educational purposes; please do not do this on your clients

Suppose you want the cleanest possible wax without fear of damaging anything. In that case, you can get yourself in as close as possible with any of the Caronlab hard waxes and overlap some of the anatomy to ensure the cleanest wax. You could combine “The Secret Garden” AND “The Butterfly” in one fell swoop, if that is a thing. But should you?


I shared the “horseshoe method” with my clientele, who told me they would run if I did this. Imagine how they reacted when I told them I attempted to glue myself shut – they were not completely surprised since they knew the depths I’d go to for research and education purposes. Their reactions to the “horseshoe method” gave me a good laugh because this technique doesn’t fall under my business model or how I want to run and promote my business. They appreciate the ‘Waxperience’ that I offer and that I AM a different waxer. I value their comfort more than how fast I can get them in and out the door.



There will be those who want to just rip the band-aid off once and call it a day, and then there are those who really care about not being rushed into something nerve-racking and sweat-building. You do you and choose whatever “waxdentity” you want to embrace for yourself and your business. Every day brings new product improvements and technique advancements, so why wouldn’t wax products and techniques change? There are enough clients in the world to fit every niche or general waxer and enough personalities to fit every professional.

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