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Diving In – The Ingredients And The Paraffin

I received a question in one of my webinars asking me, “Isn’t paraffin wax a carcinogenic product?” I didn’t want to just do a simple Instagram post addressing the question. Instead, I decided to do some digging around to learn more about paraffin and once again, I’ve done all the homework so you guys don’t […]

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Embracing hygiene lessons learned in 2020

COVID-19 shook up the world and will no doubt have its lingering effects on hygiene consciousness. “The new normal” includes things that were previously unthinkable; face masks in public places, hand sanitiser in every shop front, even QR codes made a come-back with the mandatory check-ins. Besides effectively preventing the spread of Coronavirus, these measures […]

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Staying relevant in the ever-changing beauty landscape

Staying relevant in the ever-changing beauty landscape A well-trained team of therapists is worth its weight in gold. But it’s only one cog in the wheel of running a successful beauty salon. To stay relevant, you need to keep on top of changes in the fast-evolving beauty industry. Trends come and go and to keep […]

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The Wax Cycle Helping Clients Achieve a Winning Hair Removal Routine

How to get your client wax-adapted Going to Beauty School is like studying for your driver’s license – you get taught the basics; what applies most of the time – and then they give you your license. However, you’ll need to be in the driver’s seat frequently to become a great driver. Working in the […]

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Brazillian Waxing and damaging claims of pigmentation

Lilliane Caron discusses hyperpigmentation and why it’s an avoidable and unacceptable side effect of waxing. You may have read that waxing can cause darkening and darker skin patches called hyperpigmentation. The facts are, with superior product and expert technique, waxing won’t cause hyperpigmentation at all. Products or packages on offer that include serums claiming to […]