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Hello everyone! Lately, I keep seeing professionals ask questions and talk about Brazilian waxing. It made me question several things in our industry and it

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Waxing while Pregnant

Lilliane Caron discusses why waxing while pregnant is completely safe, giving expecting mothers and beauty therapists one less thing to worry about! Pregnancy is a

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Dip it, dip it good!

Lilliane Caron discusses the controversial topic of double dipping. To dip or not to dip, that is the question. When the average person thinks of

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Waxing is here to stay!

Lilliane Caron shares her thoughts on hair removal fads and why waxing has made its permanent mark in the beauty industry. With so many trends

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Waxing vs. Shaving

Lilliane Caron discusses the age old hair removal battle! Wish you had a dollar for every time a client who came in for a pedicure

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Waxes ain’t Waxes

Ever wondered what the difference is between all those waxes? The answers are within, writes Lilliane Caron.  Waxing is a salon’s bread and butter. As

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