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June 8, 2023 by in Waxing

Hello everyone! Lately, I keep seeing professionals ask questions and talk about Brazilian waxing. It made me question several things in our industry and it prompted me to want to do this very raw blog for you since I feel like it must be said.  But first, are you on the fence about offering this specialized service?

There seem to be the same reasons why a professional wonders about offering this specialized service:

  • Fear
  • Not finding the right wax
  • Cannot handle everyday bodily functions

Let’s break these down and explain how we can conquer (or not) the above points.  

Fear of the “What if?” & Finding the Right Wax 

Being afraid is normal. There is an uncertainty, that “what if?” What if I mess up? What if I do a bad job? What if I get nervous? What if my wax breaks? Well, what if I told you that a bit of practice and using the correct wax can take away all your “what if” fears? 

Here is a short story about how I got into Brazilian waxing and how it is all thanks to Caronlab:

Caronlab has taken any of my uncertainty out of waxing or the need to second guess myself when performing a Brazilian waxing service. Lilliane Caron created signature techniques to perform the most intimate, gentle, and cleanest Brazilian that I have ever experienced. Did you know that she taught herself how to perform a Brazilian wax? She just knew that there had to be a better way, a better wax, a better experience for both the professional and the client. Hence, Brilliance Hard Wax was created. 

If you’ve had a chance to see a Caronlab Brazilian demonstration or personally experienced one, you may be questioning a few things because it felt like we were breaking a lot of rules when it came to waxing. I also had some uncertainties at first because it wasn’t like the traditional Brazilian wax, but once I started practicing, it all made sense. It was a “try it to believe it” method and it made Brazilian waxing so much easier for me to perform on my clients as well as when I do my own waxing. My fear turned into confidence because I knew what my wax was able to do, and I knew how it was going to feel. Every time I do a Brazilian wax, it feels like I am practicing and honing my craft. I see new people, new anatomy shapes, new challenges – I am still constantly learning every single day when I walk into my space.

To those of you who are holding back because of fear, you can conquer your fear – use the right products especially picking up the right wax, practice, and never stop learning and honing your craft.


I was really surprised with the number of topics I saw every week – there were at least 3 a week where people talked about bodily function. From bodily fluids to body odors to the “forbidden” erections. I put forbidden in italics since I actually do a big eye roll on this one. Let me break this one down first – the erections.

If you suspect your client is being inappropriate and is therefore producing an erection, there would’ve been many red flags from the start or even during the treatment. However, what if I told you majority of the time your client doesn’t even know that they are getting an erection? In fact, if you address it, I can guarantee your client will panic and be embarrassed and you will most likely lose this client. Did you know that baby boys get erections too? Does this mean it is sexual? HECK NO! 

Reasons why an erection happens:

  • Warmth of the wax triggers a response.
  • Warmth of your hand stretching the skin for removal.
  • Waxing can stimulate blood flow.

This is the BEST time to take advantage of an erection and wax the shaft. The skin is stretched, and I will take this as an opportunity to get this area done before the erection wears off. Whenever my male clients do notice that their friend has sprung up, they get so apologetic. I simply just tell them, “It’s ok don’t worry, thank YOU because you just made my job easier!”

Bodily fluids; sweat, discharge, pre-ejaculate, period blood, feces, and urine. My biggest issue for writing this blog is the number of times I see professionals complain about feces when you work on the anus. It is a part of our job. Perhaps I have wiped enough baby bums to be desensitized, but literally sh** happens. I offer wipes before the service, and I ask my clients to use them before I return back to the treatment room. I’ve seen a lot of poop especially when I was working for a dermatologist and I was freshly out of school. Clean it up and get to work – this is a part of our profession. Client has their period? Either reschedule because they are probably going to be quite sensitive or provide them with a tampon and handle them with extra care. I’ve had clients mid-wax suddenly get their period – again, they were so apologetic. I wiped it up, handed her a tampon and got back to work. It is not our job to make our clients feel worse than they already do, we are there to uplift them and make them feel beautiful. So again, wipe it up and get back at it.

Body odor is the last one I see multiple times every week. I wear a mask in the treatment room, not to cover up body odors but it really can help to mask any smells. The client who comes straight from the gym, a client who has a pH unbalance, a client whose scent leaks out of the room (oh yes, I have definitely had this because my husband asked me what the smell was coming out of my room!) I personally feel like this comes with the job same with bodily fluids. Put some essential oils into a diffuser, wear a mask, spray down your room at clean up and get to work. Of course, if you suspect something is off from the smells, tell your clients they may want to consult their family doctor to see if there are any other underlying issues they may not be aware of. 9 times out of 10, they will thank you for going above and beyond for caring about their health and wellbeing. 


If fear is what is holding you back, I can tell you from personal experience that it is definitely something that you can conquer. If you really cannot handle the everyday bodily fluids, odors and functions, then perhaps Brazilian waxing isn’t for you – AND THAT IS COMPLETELY OK!

I think someone who is forcing themselves to do something they cannot handle will not produce the best results or the best client Waxperience. Brazilian waxing takes a certain personality to be 100% comfortable of REALLY getting into the intimate areas. When I do a Brazilian wax, my hands are fully in there trying to spread and stretch the skin apart to get the cleanest wax. I have no problem gripping to stretch the shaft of a male client fully to ensure a safe removal of the wax and if he does get an erection, I continue working as if it hasn’t happened. At the end of the day, this is our profession, and you have to really love and own what you do. If something is holding you back, own it and tell yourself that it is OK because I am amazing at something else.

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